2010 Smart Growth Platform

An Economic Development Opportunity

With 15 Metro stations in close proximity to one of the nation’s leading employment centers, Prince George’s County has the best economic development opportunity in the Washington, D.C. region. A central issue in the 2010 election should be how to capitalize on these assets. Strategic economic development can build the strong tax base needed to support quality schools and public safety programs, while increasing the number and quality of employment opportunities available to residents.

Download the full platform (PDF)

You can read more about the Platform in the Prince George’s Gazette.

Smart Growth Platform Summary

  • Increase the county’s investment in inner Beltway communities by focusing at least 66 percent of all new development countywide in the Developed Tier.
  • Commit to building great walkable communities around the county’s 15 Metro stations as a top investment and policy priority.
  • Support transit-oriented centers with policies that ensure new urbanist design, green infrastructure, interconnectivity, and pedestrian/bicycle friendliness.
  • Reduce the development capacity of the Developing Tier and conserve the Rural Tier, protecting farmland, open space, forests and natural areas by restricting public infrastructure extensions and supporting land conservation.
  • Target public funds to address backlogs in maintenance, repairs, and service upgrades in all existing communities.
  • Build a multimodal transportation system that fosters reinvestment in existing communities, fully utilizes the county’s 15 Metro stations, and supports sustainable economic development for the 21st Century economy.
  • Create inclusive housing and workforce policies to ensure all Prince George’s residents share in the emerging prosperity.
  • Build green buildings and green communities.