Transit-oriented development

Transit-oriented development (a.k.a. TOD) focuses development at transit nodes and provides a convenient mix of housing, shops, and public spaces in a walkable environment. As part of a broader smart growth strategy, the revitalization of urban transit villages will help relieve pressure to locate jobs and housing in inaccessible, low-density developments. This will help reduce sprawl’s attendant traffic, air, and water quality problems.

  • Places should offer convenience and a variety of activities.
  • Mixing uses and compact designs make communities convenient for walking and biking.
  • Housing close to Metro stations means safer streets for riders and residents.
  • People should come first in creating places.
  • Buildings, streets, and sidewalks should welcome pedestrians.
  • Routes to Metro stations should be safe for people walking and biking.
  • Public spaces should meet different community needs.
  • Public spaces at Metro stations should encourage use, social interaction, and close connections to surrounding activity.